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 UGH! - the LG Optimus S

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PostSubject: UGH! - the LG Optimus S   Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:33 am

[b]This was my first "not free" smart phone and although it was super cheap and I expected to have problems with it....never thought it would be this terrible. Seriously the phone memory is terrible! I have like 3 small games and facebook yet I still get messages that space is running out all the time. Oh and did I mention it randomly likes to restart itself. Loads of fun when it happens and I'm in mid conversation with someone. Another annoying thing about this phone (my fault for not checking beforehand...I know) is that there is no flash for the camera.

The biggest reason I got it aside from it being the cheaper one of most Androids was the fact that it is super small. I don't really care about having the largest screen but that it can actually fit in my pocket! Lol.

----end of my rant Wink

Anyone else have all these problems with the Optimus S?
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UGH! - the LG Optimus S
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